I started this business solely out of a personal need that I have for quality skin care products. I could not find it. I’ve purchased simple to high end products, but I wasn’t satisfied with the results. Eventually I found a product line that I fell in love with. The creams were rich, and silky with a comforting aroma. The soap had an abundance of long lasting suds. It was exactly what I’d been searching for in body essential products.

This product was wonderful, except for one thing, there was only one store in my locality where I could purchase this product. The product was never in stock when I went to purchase it, not even online. After several attempts of traveling by train to purchase this particular product, a voice in my head that I recognize as the holy spirit said “Make It Yourself”, Shortly thereafter I created “Be”Hand Crafted Soap

“Be” Handcrafted Soap

“Be” body essentials are made with only the purest and most natural ingredients. I created these products, which consist of handcrafted soap, triple whipped butter cream, souffles and
body/foot scrubs, to fulfill my own need for something that would condition and nourish my skin. A quality product at an affordable price. Now, I want to share my creation with you, so you too may enjoy the same comfort and pampering experience as I do through the creation of “Be” soap products, a handcrafted luxurious line of body essentials that will make you feel clean, moisturized, relaxed and just plain good.